Decentralized data is the future. Nextdata OS is how you get there.

Nextdata OS is a data-mesh-native toolset built to meet the challenge of decentralizing data at scale.

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“We’re building a world where data can be owned independently, shared intentionally, and managed responsibly.”

Zhamak Dehghani

Creator of data mesh
Founder of Nextdata

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“We’re building a world where data can be owned independently, shared intentionally, and managed responsibly.”

Zhamak Dehghani

Creator of data mesh
Founder of Nextdata

Data mesh is the right idea. We’re here to make it a reality.

More organizations are making the leap to data mesh. But most lack specialists, depend on centralized governance, and can’t share data across boundaries of technology and trust. Our mission is to make the experience of creating, sharing, discovering, and using data connected, fast and fair.

We do for data what containers and web APIs did for software.

Nextdata OS is built to break through the barriers to implementing and scaling data mesh—interoperability, discovery, and governance—by making it possible for developers to treat data products as a first-class concept.

Data product containers

Introduce a new unit of value for data

The core of Nextdata technology is a data product container that bundles data with everything needed to make it independently usable—the transformations, guarantees, and policies that affect it. Think of it as a quantum unit of data that works like a service API.

This allows Nextdata OS to be a platform for a peer-to-peer data product value exchange. Using Nextdata OS, data developers create, connect, share, and manage self-contained data products that data consumers can easily discover, understand, and use.

This data product-centric experience removes the overhead of integrating disparate technologies and makes the process of generating value from data much more efficient. Teams can use data products to ship solutions to production in days instead of months, using their technology stack of choice.

Analytical data product APIs

Use data products across systems and boundaries

Nextdata provides analytical-data-first APIs to create access to containerized data products and make data products discoverable, interoperable, and efficiently usable.  

Our APIs give organizations an open standard to access data products across technologies and trust boundaries to run analytical and machine-learning workloads. 

Instead of requiring data consumers to copy data for reprocessing, Nextdata APIs bring processing to data, cutting down on busywork and reducing data bloat. 

Data consumers can easily connect to trustworthy data products they can understand and use, securely.

Embedded computational policies

Build in governance to make decentralized data products trustworthy and safe

Every Nexdata data product container will have data governance policies embedded as code, applying controls through a data product lifecycle—from build to run time, and at every touchpoint when data product is stored, accessed or read.

This eliminates one of the biggest roadblocks to decentralizing data and deploying data mesh: making sure that every data product complies with a common set of rules and requirements. Nextdata turns policy into code, allowing domain teams to take full ownership of their data and reducing the burden on the governance team. 

Nextdata data product container builds in an extensible framework for defining, validating, and enforcing granular data product policies as code.

Data product dynamic discovery

Make data value easy to find, learn, trust and use

Data products created with Nextdata OS are by nature easy to discover, understand and explore because an extensible framework ensures each data product automatically and dynamically shares a set of discovery and observability information.

Discovery data includes a dynamic set of documentation, semantic definition, quality metrics, live lineage, and guarantees. This supports the user journey from finding the right data product, understanding it, and trusting it, to exploring its suitability for their analytical use case at hand.

Building discovery into every data product allows Nextdata OS to create a comprehensive real-time view of the data mesh at scale, making it much easier to explore, monitor, and heal.

Meet the minds behind the product

Zhamak Dehghani

Founder and CEO

Sina Jahan

Founding Head of Product

Dan Siwiec

Founding Principal Engineer

Opher Kahane

Serial Entrepreneur

Barr Moses

Cofounder and CEO, Monte Carlo

Amr Awadallah

Founder and CEO, Vectara, Inc.

Jess Iandiorio

CMO, Starburst

Sam Ramji

CEO and Cofounder,

Marcelo De Santis

CDO, Thoughtworks

Barry O'Reilly

Cofounder and Chief Incubation Officer, Nobody Studios

Tomer Shiran

Founder and Chief Product Officer, Dremio

Mark Kraynak

Founding Partner, Acrew Capital

Asad Khaliq

Founding Partner, Acrew Capital

Brentt Baltimore

Principal, Greycroft

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Let’s change the way data is created, shared, and used, forever.

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Let’s change the way data is created, shared, and used, forever.

Let’s change the way data is created, shared, and used, forever.

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